Eternity looked different when we arrived there that next instant. Instead of gentle milky clouds, it seemed like a snowstorm had hit.

I waited to materialize at our next destination, but the snow beat down into my face, and I couldn't see a thing.

"HOLD ON TO MY HAND!" Shadow yelled, and I reached for it, but I couldn't find him.

"GEORGE!" Shadow bellowed, and kept talking so that I could follow his voice.

"We're in a Time-Storm. Some kind of turbulence. There must have been some huge Time-Change somewhere..."

Then I found him. I couldn't see him, but it felt like my friend, Shadow.

"DON'T LET GO, GEORGE!" Shadow yelled over the roar of the snow as it pummeled us from every direction.

We huddled together in the blizzard. I wasn't cold at all; I didn't feel a thing. But we couldn't go anywhere until the storm was over.

The storm must have finally stopped while I was napping, because the next thing I knew, Shadow was nudging me to get up. "Let's go, Sleeping Beauty," he chuckled as he poked my ribs.

I opened my eyes. We were surrounded by snow. It looked like we were in a giant igloo with no way out. I stood up and picked the skis and the extra boot out of the snow.

"You can leave those here. We won't need them. We're crossing to other dimensions, not just travelling in time."

He tossed me the knapsack and told me to change back into my street clothes. The snowsuit was undoubtedly tagged, and we didn't want the Time-Catcher to have any clues about where we were going. I was a little confused about how we were going to go anywhere, but Shadow started digging the snow away with his hands, and I got the picture.

If it had been real snow, we never could have done it -- our hands would have frozen. But of course, it wasn't really snow. It wasn't too long before I looked back and saw that the tunnel we had dug stretched for miles and miles. I wasn't tired at all, and we continued digging and quietly humming to ourselves.

Finally, I pulled away a clump of snow and saw light.

Not only light, but I saw something orange.

I dug faster.

It was an orange pumpkin!

I leaped through the tunnel with excitement, and hugged the pumpkin. "MARY!"

Shadow had come through the tunnel and was tapping me on the shoulder.

"Uh, George," he stammered, pointing all around us. There were pumpkins for as far as we could see.

Stuck In A Time Storm
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