Above you will find the longest chapter in the book, and undoubtedly the most exciting adventures in our journey to find Mary.

If it had not been microfilmed to fit on the tiny dot you see above, it would have taken up 63 pages.

However, those 63 pages would have appeared to have been perfectly blank.

I assure you they were not blank pages.

The events described in those 63 pages took place while Shadow and I YODELed into a wordless/idealess universe.

An awful lot took place, but since there are no words or ideas in our universe to describe it, it is impossible to express anything that happened there.

In the spirit of journalistic integrity, the original edition of this account contained those 63 "blank pages" as well as this footnote, but in order to conserve trees (an important natural resource here, but apparently not in that wordless universe) those pages have been microfilmed.

Furthermore, in order not to disturb the original pagination, the first page of this footnote began 63 pages later than the preceding page.

We apologize for any inconvenience. For those of you who wish to view the book in its original form, please contact your local librarian, who may attempt to borrow it through interlibrary loan from a library of the VWXYZc3-6 universe, 4th star from the left in the .362/267 galactic quadrant.

Of course, every page in that edition will appear blank if you read it while in this universe.

In order to read it, you will have to do so while in that wordless universe. However, as I understand it, there is currently quite a long waiting list to apply for a visa there, and several painful and irritating vaccinations are also required.

I can assure you, though, that the efforts will be quite worth the wait. Our experiences were poignant at times, and enormously funny at others, although, unfortunately, I can't begin to explain why.


Timeless Place
( Chapter 34 - MP3 song demo by Lyndon DeRobertis)

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