I turned around a corner and a sack fell down from the sky and landed in front of me. I looked up and around, but there was no one there. Carefully, I looked inside and saw that it was filled with money.

"Wow!" I gasped, and my mind was filled with all the wonderful things I would buy.

I threw the sack over my shoulder and started to whistle. The day might have started off quite strangely, but it was sure going somewhere now. "First, first I'll buy some new clothes and get a great meal...buy a car...And then I'll find that old blind man and pay him back...And then..."

I headed for the stores and couldn't stop imagining all the worldly wonders that would soon be mine.

Then I saw a woman in tattered clothing holding a crying baby who sucked a dirty thumb.

"Please, sir," she cried as I approached. "My child and I have no place to stay. And we haven't eaten in days. Could you give me just a few coins to get something to eat?"

My heart jumped, and I felt the weight of the bag over my shoulder. I had so much. Sure, why not. I gave her a handful of bills and wished her the best. She smiled and hugged me, and the baby wiped its dirty fingers over my face. Then they were gone.

I felt good as I put the bag over my shoulder, and turned back down the street. It was nice to have something to give. Santa is one lucky guy.

An old man was sitting by the corner with his hands out. He looked up at me with bloodshot eyes.

"Mister," he slurred drunkenly. "Mister, my kids is sick, and we ain't gots no money. Could you lend me sometin?"

I almost turned away. But then I stopped. Our eyes met. "You wouldn't use anything I gave you to buy liquor, would you?" I inquired accusingly.

"Oh no, mister," the beggar assured me. "I gots a family, like I says, and we's real poor."

I put the bag down and gave him a generous handful. "All right, then, but I'm trusting you."

He kissed my hand and told me he'd never forget how I helped him and his family.

I smiled and began to walk away. Looking back, I saw him reach into the ragged coat for his long-time friend. I watched him whispering to the glimmering, slender bottle of idle hope, and I hoped he was bidding her farewell. I'd given him a chance of sorts to try something else; now the choice was his.

I turned the corner and stopped in shock when I saw my path was barred by a line of people that seemed to stretch for blocks. Word must have spread fast, I thought.

For hours I listened to story after story that made me reach deeper and deeper into the bag. Each time I received a smile in return, and it almost seemed like a fair exchange.

Finally, I reached the end of the line and the last of the unfortunates was gone. I felt the bag and found to my delight that I still had a small, but considerable portion left.


I Will Give
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