SPirITual Sex

1. Yes, Virginia, there is sex in the afterlife.

Perhaps we painted too bleak a picture of the afterlife. There are some good things in the Beyond. Sex, for example.

You've heard people say that sex is mostly in the mind. And of course, you've always sneered, "Yeah, right!" However, it's true. If it weren't, spirits wouldn't be able to have sex, since they don't have bodies. But thank goodness, there is sex in the afterlife.

Spiritual sex is...well, pardon the pun, heavenly. There are no confusing body parts to learn how to use properly. Every spot is a G spot for ghosts. And of course you don't have to worry whether or not your partner is on the pill, or figure out a polite way to see their HIV card.

When spirits mingle at a party, they really mingle. For humans, the idea of coming together to form a single entity, with no way to tell one partner from the other is quite disconcerting. But for spirits...Oooh, it feels good!

So good, in fact, that quite a few spirits mate for life. I mean, literally stay connected for their whole lives (or actually, in-between lives). Yes, the Sexual Revolution is officially over in the afterlife. Monogamy is currently in style. You find yourself a nice spirit, settle down, and enjoy yourself. It's the best way to pass the time while you wait until your train comes roaring through the tunnel to take you back to Earth.

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