2. How to get a grade changed on your Karma Report Card.

When spirit guides tell their pupils about Karma Report Cards, the student always wants a list of exactly when they're going to be tested and what the questions will be. The guide always answers that you can never know when a "test" will arise, but to be ready, "Just live right."

Likewise, when spirits ask whom they can bribe to get their Karma Report Card changed, they are told by more enlightened spirits that all they can do is "Just relive right!"

During each lifetime we are given ample opportunity to Do the Right Thing. Unfortunately, we usually keep making the same mistakes over and over. So that's why we're born again ...and again...and again...

Will doing the right thing erase your bad grades? Eventually. Unfortunately you usually have to right a wrong several times before it drops off your record. It's like points on your driver's license. You can't just get through one day and call the DMV and say, "I didn't speed today, please take off all my points." You've got to prove yourself for quite a while before you end up with a clean record.

And you don't just want a clean slate, either. You want as many citations for good decisions as you can get. Will a Cosmic Cop pat you on the back when you do the right thing. Alas, no. And usually you won't even have realized that you've made an important choice. But rest assured, those good decisions will make you the life of an afterlife party. Oh, how the other spirits will envy you!

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