5. Discovering past lives by poking through your memories with acupuncture.

Some people think it helps to get a clearer Karma picture by examining their past lives, too. Traditionally hypnosis has been the medium for gently floating past lives into view. The latest New Age fad though, is to use acupuncture to jolt your memories to the surface. This may work wonders for some, but we do not suggest you attempt it with your guide. Most guides become too obsessed with the age old question of how many angels can fit on the head of the needle to pay much attention to where they're sticking it.

There are other methods, such as trying to contact your previous lives though dreams. But you rarely remember anything tangible when you wake up, except the particularly detestable or enjoyable parts, which only leave you with a sweated brow or a dirty smirk to go on.

You can always see a psychic, but it gets awfully embarrassing when she strips away your Karma fig leaf and all your private pasts are flashed before her eyes. Then there's the New Age Lost and Found where you're stuck in a line-up, and others searching for friends and loved ones from previous lives can pick you out and reunite you with your previous history. Believe me, it's better to leave your lost past acquaintances lost. You can rest assured they've been lost for good reason!

The most accurate method is the old Scrabble set, of course. Turning up the names of our previous lives is easy. It's checking all the encyclopedias and birth records in the world trying to track them down that's the hard part. Finding out just a couple of your previous lives could take, well, your whole life!

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