3. Since I am you and you are me, and we are All, and all are One, name tags are a definite must at New Age parties.

But then, you men shouldn't pat yourselves on the back either, because god is not a man. God is Everything. Everything that ever was, will be, or even could be.

We are all a part of God, and so we are all brothers and sisters together in the Universe. We came from the same place and we will all be joined together on that glorious day when we reach Enlightenment.

The more enlightened you are the clearer this becomes. It's a wonderful realization, and it really only gets you into trouble when a whole bunch of pretty-darned-enlightened New Agers get together for a New Age Party. With that many I-am-you-and-you-are-me's in one place, it's pretty easy to forget you're you.

Fortunately, New Age hosts always pass around name tags when it's time to go home. There's nothing like a 3-foot brightly glowing neon name tag screaming "Hi My name is Roger" to jar you to your senses and remind you that you may be One with the Universe, but unless you come back down to earth and go home and get some rest, you're going to be One with the Unemployment office when you don't show up for work tomorrow!

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