1. It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your soul is?

At this point you might be starting to think, "Who needs Enlightenment? I can already get all the great ice cream I want from Ben and Jerry -- their Cherry Garcia is as out of this world as I'd like to get, thank you!"

OK, so Heaven doesn't seem like such an important goal at the moment. But, remember, becoming more enlightened means you'll be getting your life in better order. And lots of times that could mean $$$$$.

Now that I've got your attention back...the first step to getting your life going in the right direction is to get your signals straight between you and your inner self. Most people never get acquainted with their souls, and that's why their lives are so messed up. The inner-you has its goals and so do you, and unless you talk it over with yourself, chances are you'll both foul up each other's plans.

Most of your goals and desires involve material gains, like finding a better job, car or house. Your inner-soul, however, is mostly concerned with spiritual goals, in particular, figuring out how to erase some of the horrendously bad grades on your Karma Report Card, and keeping you from making them worse still.

Since most of us never know what we want, we sometimes try to eavesdrop on that inner voice to "know thyself." But your soul is only human, and cramped up inside your body and forced to ride in the back seat for the whole trip through your life, most souls suffer from motion sickness and become quite disoriented, so that 9 times out of 10 neither of you knows what you want.

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