2. How to develop your own secret handshake.

In later chapters we will discuss many tools to guide you towards self enlightenment. But we recommend that you do not attempt any of these without the supervision of your advisor. In addition, before beginning any session, we find it helps to formally greet your advisor with your own personal secret handshake. This simple ritual will rekindle the feelings of warmth and freshness that often accompany the greeting of a dear and close friend.

To create your own handshake, place your hands in the standard "thumb-wrestling position." Let your mind relax, and let your hands go. Be observant and write the steps down in a spiritual log, which you should keep for all your sessions. Do not let anyone else see your secret handshake, because a) people just wouldn't understand, and b) spirit guides are highly perfected souls, but they tend to become jealous quite easily.

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