4. Christmas shopping for your celestial guide can be quite a bother.

There are some people you hate to go Christmas shopping for. They either have everything, hate the things you get them each year (they never exactly tell you, but you know it anyway), have expensive tastes you can't afford, or frankly you have no idea what in the world they would like.

Although they don't fit into any of these categories, spirit guides are the most difficult to shop for. Most students would love to give their guides the moon, or at least a rose; however they fully realize that material possessions are not admissible through Customs to the Beyond.

We suggest singing a special song during your Christmas session. In the spirit world, music is the purest of treasures. If, however, you are blessed with a voice that scares cats away, we suggest you refrain from this show of affection; spirits are very picky about their music.

A portrait of your guide, or of the two of you together, hung in the room where you meet, is also a fine gift. The room may start to look a little cluttered after a few Christmases, though.

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