Dawn of a New Age

"Greetings, fellow Cosmic Travellers..." Don't you just hate it when your New Age neighbors talk like that? Doesn't it drive you crazy that they're always smiling and cheerful? And yet, for spiritual people, they seem to have a lot of material possessions, don't they?

Come on, admit it. You're a little curious, aren't you? But, all that talk about crystals and readings and spirits and reincarnation and enlightenment...it's all a lot of crap...Isn't it?

But what if it isn't! You don't have to miss out on all the fun. Besides, you'd be surprised how many of your "normal" friends buy books just like this one, because they're a little curious too! Maybe that's why you can never keep up with them...

With this book, you can learn all the New Age secrets that have enlightened millions and helped them to find happier, fuller lives. Just grab a mug of herbal tea, sit back, and enjoy yourself.

I know, some of that stuff you've heard about sounds awfully complicated. But you don't have to do it all alone. You can have your own private spirit guide to help lead you towards spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment, and material wealth, too!

"Well, no thanks, I'm not that interested," you think. But hold on. Guides can be very helpful, and most won't charge you a dime. And best of all, they won't tell anyone you're coming to see them.

Anyway, this is Selena Quixada wishing you a pleasant journey, and may all your days be lived in the light of the New Age.

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