SPirITual AdVisors

Psychiatrists are OK for some people, if you like lying on couches, pouring your heart out to someone who is only programmed to say, "And how does that make you feel?"

Besides, psychiatrists have missed the key to all our problems. Spiritual advisors help clean out your spiritual house. Once your spiritual needs are fulfilled, your whole life will fall into place.

But good earthly spiritual guides are as hard to find as good psychiatrists, and sometimes just as expensive. The New Age alternative is to find a spiritual advisor who is a genuine spirit. (It's kind of like having your own personal, fully trained, professional guardian angel -- and not the garden variety trying to get his wings!) Spirits work cheaply, and you don't have to worry about them going on vacation when you've got a crisis.

Spirit guides are more than willing to lead you down the road to happiness by helping to enlighten you about yourself, life, and what it's all about. However, as in every relationship, you have to work hard to keep it good. This chapter offers helpful hints about how to keep the flame alive between you and your spirit guide.

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