6. Poltergeists or puppy ghosts? What kind of ghost makes the best pet?

Not all ghosts are enlightened enough to qualify as spirit guides, and not all New Agers are ready to choose the road toward enlightenment. Nevertheless, they may feel they'd like a ghost around anyway. There are plenty of ghosts out there who are more than a little bored, and lacking independence and know-how, they would be more than happy to accommodate you by serving as a ghost pet.

Choosing the right ghost for a pet, however, is much more difficult than choosing a spirit guide. Your choice should take your home and lifestyle into consideration. Poltergeists, for example, are rather noisy, and do not make very good apartment pets.

A puppy's cuteness helps you overlook their sometimes destructive playfulness. Puppy ghosts are just as curious, but, being invisible they are not very cute. They don't have to be litter trained, however.

Most pet-ghost owners have found the ghosts of politicians and lawyers make the best pets. Stuck in the spirit world with absolutely no talents whatsoever, they tend to lose their self- confidence very quickly. They become quite docile and subservient, and are very eager to prove that they really can be of some service to humanity.

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