3. How to choose the right parents for your next incarnation.

Unenlightened spirits claim that Life is just one crap shoot after the next -- an endless game of leapfrog through Eternity. And it would be so much more bearable if they were only issued knee pads for all the falls.

Enlightened spirits, however, know that there is a Plan, and that Life is Just. Our Karma lays the blueprint for our next incarnation. Karma knows best. Whatever we need to work on to get closer to Enlightenment that's what our new life will bring us.

Of course, most students want their guides to show them how to plan it so that they can choose the perfect life and the perfect nurturing parents. A spirit guide, of course, can only answer "just live right and because Life is Just, your next incarnation will reflect your successes and failures, even if it does seem like nice guys always finish last. It's all part of the tests and trials your soul must work through on the rocky road to Enlightenment. So fear not, New Age soldiers. March proudly forth -- You've got Karma on your side."

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