4. How to "take it with you" for a financially secure reincarnation.

Actually, your guide will say you can't pick your next life because it's the right thing to say. But, by examining your Karma make-up you can figure out what your next life will be like.

Some spirits take advantage of this insight in the afterlife. After checking their Karma Kard carefully, they plan the quickest and easiest way to exploit their future fortes and shortcomings. Of course, spirits forget nearly everything once they are in a body again, but they do bring vague feelings and desires into their next life. 99 times out of 100, these spirits will be born as entrepreneurs who make their first million at a rather enviable age. However, after a few lifetimes of stepping on everyone to live as rich and comfortably as possible, these individuals usually spend the next few incarnations as ants, who invariably end up under the heel of one of the oppressed's shoes. Remember, Karma never forgets.

There is a lesson to be learned from these poor misguided money-grubbers -- You don't have to be poor to be a New Age believer. In fact, many on the road to enlightenment are very well off. Knowing that all "bad" things happen for a reason, the nearly-enlightened learn to make the best of every experience. Financial security often follows. Even if it doesn't, take heart, at least you'll be rich in Karma.

How do you figure out what's on your Karma Kard? With your guide's help, write down all your regrets. All the things you've said or done that have hurt someone else. All the things you didn't have the courage to face. Then look for opportunities to succeed where you failed before. (Don't try to face the whole list at once -- you'll be so overwhelmed, it may set you back a few lifetimes!)

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