2. Nirvana Nookie and 37 other Heavenly Flavors.

Everyone gets to Heaven sooner or later, although for most souls it is definitely later! Cain, for example, still hasn't learned anything in more than 6000 years. He's made the Top Ten Alltime Worst Human Being list six times!

Heaven. What does it conjure up in your mind? Most people just have vague feelings that it's a place where all the wrongs of life will be righted. Hopefully you'll be reunited with your loved ones. And maybe you'll be issued a perfect body and live in a golden city and float through the clouds playing your harp.

Actually, Heaven is just a feeling...A feeling that lasts a long time! Heaven is like that feeling you get when you're relaxing in a nice hot bath, or that instant of nookie magic. It's like whatever gets your pleasure circuits going. Except Heaven is a pleasure overload. An eternal jolt of ecstasy as you leap into the unknown, leaving everything behind and becoming one with the universe.

(Actually, Heaven feels most like that first taste of ice cream on a hot summer day. Nirvana Nookie ice cream, to be precise, and it's as non-fatteningly delicious as it sounds!)

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