1. The 3 Questions

Section 1:Who is God?

2. There are many gods?

3. There is no god?

4. God is a single physical being?

5. God is a spirit which can manifest itself as a physical being?

6. God is Everything?

7. Eenie, meenie, minnie, moe... And other tips on how to choose your favorite philosophy?

Section 2: Who are We?

8. We are merely physical beings?

9. We are physical beings with a soul?

10. We are physical beings with a soul and a spirit?

PART 2 SECTION 1 ...In Review...
So, what is consciousness, anyway?

Section 3: Is It Over When It's Over?

11. When it's over it's over? We cease to exist?

12. When our physical body dies, our soul lives on?

12b1/2. There is a purgatory?

12c. There is a heaven?

12d. There is a hell?

12e. Our souls become one with the universe when we die?

13. When our physical body dies the soul also dies, but the spirit lives on?

14. No one dies? When we "die" we wake up from the dream called life and live forever?

14a. Love is the answer?

15. What's the meaning of life?

16. Well, then what's the answer?

17. What's the world going to say when you force them to think about the 3 Big Questions?

18. Don't worry, it's only a dream!

19. Epilogue

Lyndon's dream world